A Red Male Warrior and a Red Female Warrior.

Unlocked By:

Available at start.


+2 AT, +1 DF, +10 HP


+1 AT/Level

Warrior is one of the 3 Job classes available to players when setting up a new game of Dokapon Kingdom. They have a good attack stat starting off, so they are good at the beginning. However, they lack in speed and magic, so the player should invest some stats in those areas.

Strong in attack and defense abilities, Warriors receives a random boost to their AT at the start of a round.

In-game description: "A job that relies on brute strength and physical weapons."


Per Level: +2 AT, +1 DF, +10 HP

Mastery: +1 AT/Level

Starting StatsEdit

  • Lv. 1: 50 HP, 5 AT, 4 DF, 1 MG, 2 SP
  • Lv. 10: 150 HP, 22 AT, 13 DF, 10 MG, 11 SP
  • Lv. 20:
  • Lv. 30:
  • Lv. 40:
  • Lv. 50:

Salary Edit

Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.5

  • Level 1: 500G
  • Level 2: 750G
  • Level 3: 1,125G
  • Level 4: 1,688G
  • Level 5: 2.531G
  • Level 6: 3,797G

Bonus: win 10 battles (times 3 salary).



Level 2: Muscle – Raises AT and DF by 50%

Level 4: Overload – Increases AT by 200%, but has a chance to fail and reduce your AT by half.

Field Skill: War Cry – Randomly increases your AT by 20% at the beginning of the turn. The buff lasts for about a week.

Related JobsEdit

Contributes to Cleric. Note: Mastering either the Warrior, Magician, or Thief jobs unlocks the Cleric job.

Contributes to Spellsword.

Contributes to Ninja.

Contributes to Hero via Spellsword and Ninja.

Warrior Class




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