Failing to steal in dx

"You pressed the wrong button! You're Wanted! Run away!"

Wanted is a Field Status Ailment that can only occur when failing to rob a shop, town, or merchant. The status lasts for 7 days.

Wanted in dx

"Tap is now wanted! Try to defeat this player to win some gold!"

When an adventurer becomes Wanted, they get a bounty placed on their head, and lose the ability to Give Up in a fight. The bounty is equal to 10,000 G times the current week number. Wanted adventurers also cannot land on any towns, castles, temples, shops or Dokapon Castle.

In Dokapon DX, the Sheriff is notified, and will try to hunt down the Wanted adventurer.

In Dokapon Kingdom, the Accessory "Criminal Studs" will give a temporary raise in stats if the Wanted status is active. The amount of days Wanted can also be reduced if the "Nice Guy Badge" Accessory is equipped. The Ninja end of week bonus involves Attacking/Robbing a Shop. Failing to rob a store will still contribute to the end of week bonus.

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