If you're looking for the monster in Dokapon Kingdom, see Wallace (Kingdom).


"I'm the infamous Wallace, the star of the underworld!"

Wallace is the main antagonist of Dokapon DX. His plan is to purge the kingdom to darkness by getting all the d-pass globes. He has 5 clones of him, in Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Red.

In battle, these don't ever usually counter. That's because it's an old game, and auto-counter was not implemented into the game until Dokapon Kingdom.

If the player has all 5 of them he/she can purge the kingdom to darkness and become a Darkling, or decline it, but it's recommended to do it if you gone through the story mode in more than 40 weeks.

If you do not have all 5 of them, or decline the request, you'll have to catch up to him, and once you're in his room, he'll transform into Giga Wallace. The space chapter will only begin when he is defeated, and less than 40 weeks have passed.

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