Spring Cave
Spring Cave is the earliest and the first Dungeon in Dokapon Kingdom. It is found in the extreme north of Asiana. It is most notable for its Warp Space found in the mid-north area.


Dokapon kingdom spring cave


There are no towns in dungeons.


There are no stores in this dungeon.

Loot SpacesEdit

Every Item Space, Magic Space, and Red Loot Space in Spring Cave contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Spring Cave Item Space (10 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
2 Spinner 3 Spinner 4 Spinner 5 Spinner Field Warp Field Warp
Town Warp Store Warp Potion Elixir Panacea Soul Mop
Stl-Bru Phyoose Invigorade Jesta Trap Dodger Reveal
Vanish Magic Key Magic Key Magic Key Magic Mirror Magic Mirror
Mattock Roadblock Rock Rock Costume Trap Item Trickster Money Trickster
Reveal Reveal Multi Crystal Multi Crystal Super Spinner Revival
Deathblock Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:?

Spring Cave Magic Space (10 Slots)
Magma Magma Ice Ice Volt Volt
Atrophy Tenderize Slow Daze Time Out Cobra Strike
Fraidy Cat Blistered Feet Sleepy Time Sleepy Time Curse Lock
Squall Conjure Purse Cutter Transfer Template:? Template:?

Spring Cave Red Loot Space (8 Slots)
Skeleton Key Spirit Gloves Speed Gloves Gladius Fairy Wand Scale Shield
Magic Medicine Chill Death Call 5,000G 10,000G -100 HP
-100 HP -100 HP -9,999 HP -1,000G -5,000G -5,000G
-10,000G -30,000G Bankrupt Item -1 Item -2 Magic -1
Magic -2 Poison Footsore Sleep AT Down DF Down
MG Down SP Down Fear Seal Template:? Template:?

Levito SpringEdit

The Levito Spring, also known as the Warp Space, allows an adventurer to teleport to any accessible Temple or Dokapon Castle for a small fee. They are not entered upon teleportation; the Adventurer will only start their next turn there.

Destination Price
Dokapon Castle 100G
Vatic Temple 800G
Maple Temple 1,000G
Rio Temple 8,000G
Krystal Temple 4,000G
Duney Temple 2,000G
Bakout Temple 10,000G


Dokapon Kingdom Original Soundtrack - 01 - Spring Cave

Dokapon Kingdom Original Soundtrack - 01 - Spring Cave

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