For details on the area itself, see Prologue (area).

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Prologue's Screen.

The Prologue is a tutorial Chapter that must be played through in every new Story Mode game. It gives new Adventurers the opportunity and room to learn all the mechanics they need to complete the rest of the game while still refreshing experienced Adventurers as well. All Spaces are on plains, and no battles are able to take place until after Item, G, and Equipment Spaces, allowing players to gear up before the real game.


The objective of the Prologue is to get to the end as quickly as possible. Once at the end, the King of Dokapon awards the Adventurer Stat Points to be spent on whatever stat(s) the Adventurer desires, with more being awarded for arriving sooner. Starter equipment is also provided if the Adventurer did not obtain something in the Prologue. Afterward, the Adventurer is warped to Dokapon Castle to start exploring Asiana. Once all the Adventurers complete the Prologue, Chapter 1 begins.

  • 1st player: 8 Stat Points
  • 2nd player (3+ player game): 6 Stat Points
  • 3rd player (4 player game): 5 Stat Points
  • Final player/Did not reach the end: 4 Stat Points

Deadline Edit

The Prologue is the only part of Story Mode that features a deadline. If an Adventurer does not make it to the end of the Prologue by the end of the second week, the King magically teleports them to Dokapon Castle. The Adventurer will then receive 4 Stat Points and starter equipment.

The Prologue will end immediately after all Adventurers reach Dokapon Castle. Unlike future chapters, the current rankings will not be displayed, no salary will be given, and you won't be prompted to save.