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Rico Jr. and Overlord Rico, the main antagonists of Dokapon Kingdom

Monsters are creatures that appear throughout all the Dokapon games. They act as enemies for the adventurers to fight. They hide out on Empty Spaces, take over Towns, take over Empty Spaces in Dokapon DX, and charge in when summoned by an Adventurer (via Conjure, Conjure All, or Town Conjure) or a Boss. Monsters are the primary source of EXP.

A Town Boss is appearing...

Stats & Skills[]

A New Big Monster has Spawned here.

Monsters have the same six attributes as adventurers: Lv., HP, AT, DF, MG, and SP. Most monsters can't use Weapons, Shields, and Accessories, but they often do have Offensive Magic, Defensive Magic, and Battle Skills.

Town Monsters and Boss Monsters never Give Up, but any other types of monsters may Give Up under certain circumstances, ceding one Item, Field Magic, Weapon, Shields, or an Accessory.

It has been recorded elsewhere in this wiki that most of the monsters have 2 possible drop items, but if that page is accurate, Rico Jr. has three. The drop listings on the below table assume most of that page to be accurate.

Wallace, a monster that loves to harass the King of Dokapon.

In Dokapon Kingdom, all Enemy IDs 119 or higher (Rico Jr., Overlord Rico (both forms), Comacho, Wabbit, Wallace, Chimpy, and Robo-Sassin), as well as the monster who is chosen to hold the Royal Ring (Skeleton, Red Bones, Dwarf, Squilla, and Unseelie), and your Clonus are considered as Boss Monsters. They will never Give Up, and they will always drop an item if applicable to the story or king's favor. They also have auto-counter, which means if you Strike, they WILL Counter. These should not be confused with the Town Boss Monsters, and even the old Dokapon games, as they don't have an auto-counter.

Unlike Dokapon DX, certain monsters are unable to be encountered, unless they pop up during a Weekly Event, such as Wabbits during Wabbit Explosion (or a King's Favor).


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