Llano is the fourth continent in Dokapon Kingdom. This continent contains the third temple, Rio Temple. Since it is the fourth continent, it contains stronger enemies than the third continent. It contains the entrance to the Daunting Mountain and the Sunken Shrine. Llano is modeled after the real-life continent South America. It contains Cusco Castle. This is the first continent to not have a Magic Store on the map, which means adventurers have to trek through the Daunting Mountain in search of better battle magic.

Map Edit


Towns Edit

Town Value Lv.1 Value Lv.3 Value Lv.6 Taxes Lv.1 Taxes Lv.2 Taxes Lv.3 Taxes Lv.4 Taxes Lv.5 Taxes Lv.6
Balboa 720,000G 1,440,000G 2,160,000G
Orinoco 620,000G 1,240,000G 1,860,000G
Amazon 580,000G 1,160,000G 1,740,000G
Granada 480,000G 960,000G 1,440,000G
Onicaxinal 560,000G 1,120,000G 1,680,000G
Villarrica 780,000G 1,560,000G 2,340,000G
Choqueyapu 540,000G 1,080,000G 1,620,000G

Stores Edit

Llano Item Store
Name Price Type Effect
1 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly one space instead of using a spinner.
6 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly six spaces instead of using a spinner.
3 Spinner 1,300G Movement Causes the user to spin three spinners this turn.
Town Warp 600G Movement Causes the user to teleport to a random accessible town.
Store Warp 1,100G Movement Causes the user to teleport to a random accessible store on the overworld.
Elixir 650G Healing Restores all the user's HP.
Panacea 1,400G Healing Cures Poison, Paralysis, Footsore, Fear, and all stat debuffs.
Magic Key 350G Assist Allows the user to open a single Locked Box.

Llano Weapon Store
Name Price AT DF MG SP HP Preferred Job
Battlefist 32,500G 60 3 Monk
Pistol Crossbow 37,500G 66 3 Acrobat
Scimitar 41,500G 68 Warrior-based
Battleaxe 50,000G 72 1 -3 Cleric
Thunder Blade 60,000G 76 3 Warrior-based
Long Spear 70,000G 80 Warrior-based
Furry Shield 30,000G 45 5 10
Iron Shield 37,500G 51 -3 10
Large Shield 45,000G 2 63 -6

Loot Spaces Edit

Every Item Space, Magic Space, and Red Loot Space in Llano contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Llano Item Space (10 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
2 Spinner 2 Spinner 2 Spinner 3 Spinner 3 Spinner 4 Spinner
5 Spinner Super Spinner Town Warp Store Warp Elixir Elixir
Elixir Panacea Stl-Bru Phyoose Invigorade Jesta
Magic Mirror Roadblock Rock Rock Costume Trap Item Trickster Money Trickster
Reveal Charm Potion Multi Crystal Cunning Disguise Revival Deathblock
Gold Bug Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:?

Llano Magic Space (10 Slots)
Magma Magma+ Ice Ice+ Volt Volt+
Atrophy Tenderize Slow Daze Atrophy Tenderize
Slow Daze Down Time Out Cobra Strike Fraidy Cat
Blistered Feet Curse Lock Squall Squall Conjure
Purse Cutter Purse Cutter Sleepy Time Curse All Lockdown Typhoon
Mystery Town Conjure Come Here Template:? Template:? Template:?

Llano Red Loot Space (10 Slots)
Ring of Power Dancing Blade Dancing Blade Mirror Necklace Chi Knuckle Chi Knuckle
Chi Knuckle Silver Shield 300,000G 300,000G -100 HP -100 HP
-200 HP -500 HP -1,000 HP -9,999 HP -1,000G -5,000G
-10,000G -30,000G -50,000G -100,000G -200,000G Random Warp
Bankrupt Item -1 Item -2 Item -3 Magic -1 Magic -2
Magic -3 Poison Footsore Sleep AT Down DF Down
MG Down SP Down Fear Seal Template:? Template:?

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