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The King is the king appearing throughout the Dokapon series. He is the father of Princess Penny (except for most Japanese versions). He lives in Dokapon Castle, and is obsessed with money. Whoever collects the most money for him in the Story Mode will get the honor of marrying his daughter, Princess Penny (if she is in the game), and becoming the next King of Dokapon.


In Oukoku IV and Journey[]

He reminds you if a new big monster appears and will say "Oh No! The Town of (Town Name) has fallen to a Big Monster! What brave soul can defeat it...? Surely, there'll be a reward!"

In 3-2-1 and Kingdom[]

Upon arriving in Dokapon Kingdom from the Prologue area, he will award you stat points based on how many people have arrived before you, or if the 2 weeks have elapsed.

  • 1st: 8 Points
  • 2nd: 6 Points
  • 3rd: 5 Points
  • Late/Last: 4 Points

In addition, he will give each Adventurer a Weapon (Knife), a Shield (Wooden Shield), an Offensive Magic (Pickpocket), and a Defensive Magic (M Guard) upon arriving from the Prologue Area, providing they do not have a Weapon/Shield/Offensive Magic/Defensive Magic already.

He also announces the Story Tasks and King's Favors during Story Mode.

If the winner is a girl, a comedic cutscene plays out in which he demands he have a bloodline, and askes the player to marry him instead. Nevertheless, the player ends up marrying Princess Penny.

In Ikari No Tekken[]

The King is with the two girls, and gives them money. But however, the players find him fake, and the king transforms into Wallace. The god is the original king in this game.

Dokapon DX[]

The king as he appears in Dokapon DX.

He is found with his assistant, Sixuchi. Wallace appears and the king calls the guards out, however, Wallace uses magic to scare them away. The king looks for his assistant, but it appears that he ran away. Once Wallace is defeated the king gives users guidance on how to win the game.

He also appears in the d-pass giveaway. The king hates Wallace eggs and if the user has one, he or she will be forced to give money to others.

At the end of the game, if the game was beat in less than 40 weeks, and the player does not want to rule the darkness, a special chapter begins in space. The king will be surprised that an alien has arrived. After the chapter is completed, the players are warped back, and the players say that their trip was terrible, then the results are in. This is known as the True Ending.

Dokapon the World[]

The king is with two girls, however he is very afraid of them. Once a player reaches the end of the introduction level, he gives users guidance on how to win the game.