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Items are things that can be stored with item slots in the bag. Most items are activated manually at the beginning of one's turn, but some activate automatically. There are items with positive and negative effects, with good items being the majority, and the few bad items mostly being given out by Weber. Items can be purchased in shops, found from Monsters, or found by landing on an Item Space. There are other ways to get Items, but these are the most common ways. Only one Item can be used per turn, however you cannot use an item on the same turn that you use a Field Magic, unless you are a Hero. Ninjas are able to activate 2 items per turn, and Heroes are able to use a Field Magic and item on the same turn. The Antidote, Piggy Bank, and Royal Ring cannot be sold.

Note: Purchase Price is two times the Sell Price.


Item Effect Sell Price
2 Spinner Gives you 2 spinners for your next movement. 350G
3 Spinner Gives you 3 spinners for your next movement. 650G
4 Spinner Gives you 4 spinners for your next movement. 1,750G
5 Spinner Gives you 5 spinners for your next movement. 3,750G
Super Spinner For the next 3-7 turns, you get to randomly roll 2, 3, 4, or 5 spinners. 8,000G
Town Warp Warps you to a random town*. 300G
Store Warp Warps you to a random store*.


Guided Warp Warps you to your choice of Dokapon Castle, a temple*, or a Town/Castle you own. 7,500G
Field Warp Warps you out of the Dungeon you are in and back to the Overworld. 850G
1 Crystal Lets you move 1 space. 250G
2 Crystal Lets you move 2 spaces. 250G
3 Crystal Lets you move 3 spaces. 250G
4 Crystal Lets you move 4 spaces. 250G
5 Crystal Lets you move 5 spaces. 250G
6 Crystal Lets you move 6 spaces. 250G
Multi Crystal Lets you move 0–6 spaces. 4,000G

*When playing Story Mode, it is impossible to warp to a continent that has not been unlocked.


Item Effect Sell Price
Potion Restores 50% of Max HP. 75G
Elixir Restores all HP. 325G
Panacea Cures poison, paralysis, footsore, fear, and stat debuffs. 700G
Soul Mop Cures curses. 200G
Revival Automatically restores 50% of your HP after death. Works in Battles and on the World Map. Clears all Field Status Ailments, Battle Ailments, and Buffs. 5,000G
Deathblock Automatically negates all damage of an attack if the attack is enough to kill you. You keep Field Status Ailments, Battle Ailments, and Buffs. Doesn't activate on the World Map. 7,500G
Miracle Serum Cures you of all Field Status Ailments other than Wanted or Doom, including Z Plague. Also restores all HP. 10,000G

Power Up-type[]

Item Effect Sell Price
Stl-Bru Buffs AT by 25% for about a week. 250G
Phyoose Buffs DF by 25% for about a week. 250G
Invigorade Buffs SP by 25% for about a week. 250G
Jesta Buffs MG by 25% for about a week. 250G
Magic Medicine Doubles all stats for about a week, but when it wears off, you are reduced down to 1 HP. Sells for half your current G. 1/2 your current G, if you are in debt or broke, 1G.


Item Effect Sell Price
Cunning Disguise Allows you to pose as a Town's owner or disguise as a another player to rob a Shop/Town, and if you fail, the person you disguised as will become Wanted. 30,000G
Magic Key Allows you to open Locked Box Spaces. One time use. 175G
Magic Mirror A Mirror that protects you from one Field Magic. 2,250G
Mattock Breaks all Roadblock Rocks on the current map. 125G
Reveal Reveals battle cards before the battle. 6,000G
Rock Costume Transforms yourself into a movable Roadblock Rock to hinder other's movements. 1,400G
Skeleton Key Allows you to choose (prior to the roulette) the item you want from a Loot Space. 25,000G
Trap Dodger Allows you to evade one trap. 300G
Vanish Makes you turn invisible. You cannot be affected by Field Magics or Dark Arts, and you cannot enter any Battles. 500G


Item Effect Sell Price
Charm Potion Upon entering a Town, you can give this to a mayor to take the town as your own. 35,000G
Item Trickster A small fairy thief who steals one item or field magic from another player and gives it to you. Can randomly betray you and steal an item or a field magic from you. Will fail if all other players have no items or field magics, or it betrays you and you have no items or field magics. 1,000G
Money Trickster A small fairy thief who steals 20% of someone's money and gives it to you. Can randomly betray you and steal 20% of your money. Will fail if all other players are in debt/broke, or it betrays you and you are in debt/broke. 1,250G
Trap Placed on your current space. Cannot be seen until it is landed on. Can cause effects that damage the person that lands on it or give them a Field Status Ailments. 400G
Roadblock Rock A large rock that can be placed on any space to prevent movement across that space. 1,250G
White Arrow Lets you move the Big Monster to any Town, occupied or not. 9,000G

Cursed Items[]

Item Effect Sell Price
Nitroglycerin A cursed Item that will explode randomly upon being damaged. It will always leave you at 1 HP. N/A
Big Bug A cursed Item that will eat other Items and Field Magics in your Inventory, until there is no Items or Field Magics left, at which point it will fly away. *NOTE: The Big Bug can eat Cursed Items, but only if you have other items in your inventory. N/A
Blackmail A letter that is owned by the Reaper. You can pay half your current G to get rid of it. If your bag is sealed, or you are in debt, you can't get rid of it. Dying by this has terrible death effects. Not only are you dead for 3 days, but the Reaper guaranteed take away a piece of equipment, ALL Money, ALL Items, ALL Field Magic, or TWO Towns. If you die before the Blackmail takes effect, it will disappear from your inventory. N/A

NOTE: Cursed Items cannot be sold or thrown away; If you get one, you must take it. Also, you can get rid of Cursed Items by passing them along using the "Give" option if you fight an Adventurer and they die or Give Up. All Cursed Items (and the Contract) are given to the player by Weber the Trickster.


Item Details Sell Price
Fashion Magazines Fashion Mag #1: Disco. (Kira)

Fashion Mag #2: Raiden. (Casino)

Fashion Mag #3: Eastern Fashion. (Kira)

Fashion Mag #4: Prince/Princess. (Casino)

Fashion Mag #5: Cowboy/Kitty. (Casino)

Fashion Mag #6: Elephant. (Casino)

Fashion Mag #7: Duck. (Kira)

Fashion Mag #8: Wabbit. (Wabbit Explosion)

Lost Technology Located on Item Spaces in the Sunken Shrine off of Llano. Used to obtain the Robo Knight Job. 12,500G
Angel Wings Obtained from defeating Rico Jr.. Used to reach the Castle in the Clouds at the summit of the Daunting Mountain. 25,000G
Hero License Located on White Loot Spaces and Item spaces in the Castle in the Clouds, level 4 of the Daunting Mountain (requires Angel Wings). Used to obtain the Hero job. 40,000G
Contract If you have the Dark Mark, and use this Item, you can warp to the Dark Space in Asiana, or else you can't do it. There, you have the choice to become the Darkling. If you don't want to become the Darkling, you can use this as a fast warp near Dokapon Castle. 1G
Dokapon Orb The greatest treasure in all of Dokapon Kingdom. 250,000G
Show Ticket A ticket obtained from the Casino in Casino Cave, three of any icons and a "GREAT" in the 5.000 G slot machine. Used to obtain the Acrobat job. 2,500G
Gold Bug A bug that either takes away your current money or doubles your money. 20,000G
Passport A passport given to you to enter Heck. You must give up 1/4 of your towns. 1G
Black Diamond Obtained from Rico Jr., this gem can be either sold, or given to the king.However, this will affect your Local Item Value terribly, so try to give this item in another character's name. 45,000G
Wabbit "A captured Wabbit. It's really cute! Having a pet wabbit is a status symbol among the rich elite in Dokapon Kingdom." Chapter 2 Side Quest. 1G
Salamander Bug "A bright red beetle that looks totally sweet. It lives in the Lava Cave and has a fire at the tip of its horn." Chapter 3 Side Quest. 1G
Monroe Flower "An alluring pink flower that only grows at the top of Daunting Mountain." Chapter 4 Side Quest. 1G
Khan's Dog "A picture of a cute doggy given to you by the steward of Khan's Castle." Chapter 5 Side Quest. 1G
Piggy Bank "A piggy bank containing all the money Princess Penny has saved up." Doing this will obtain you Rhine Castle and unlock Chapter 3. 0G
Royal Ring "An heirloom with the Dokapon Kingdom crest on it. An item passed down through the Dokapon family for generations." Doing this will obtain you Strom Castle and unlock Chapter 6. 0G
Antidote An antidote given to you by the Wise Grandma to cure Cash, Princess Penny's dog, who has been poisoned. Doing this will obtain you Khan's Castle and unlock Chapter 2. 0G