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Hallstatt is the second continent in Dokapon Kingdom. This is the first continent in the game that has a temple on it, the Vatic Temple. Since it is the second continent, it contains more challenging enemies than the first continent. It also contains the entrance to the Casino Cave. Hallstatt is modeled after the real-life continent of Europe, and is the gate-way to the third continent, Clovis. It contains the second castle, Rhine Castle. Hallstatt contains 8 towns: Danube, Athenaeum, Balle, Garonne, Aniene, Groat, Pfennig, and Sterling.




Town Value Lv.1 Value Lv.3 Value Lv.6 Taxes Lv.1 Taxes Lv.2 Taxes Lv.3 Taxes Lv.4 Taxes Lv.5 Taxes Lv.6
Garonne 280,000G 560,000G 840,000G 26G 46G 80G 139G 244G 467G
Aniene 320,000G 640,000G 960,000G 32G 56G 98G 172G 300G 525G
Balle 380,000G 760,000G 1,140,000G 36G 63G 110G 193G 338G 591G
Athenaeum 260,000G 520,000G 780,000G 30G 53G 92G 161G 281G 492G
Danube 350,000G 700,000G 1,050,000G 42G 74G 129G 225G 394G 689G
Pfennig 460,000G 920,000G 1,380,000G 52G 91G 159G 279G 487G 853G
Groat 520,000G 1,040,000G 1,560,000G 48G 84G 147G 257G 450G 789G
Sterling 260,000G 520,000G 780,000G 24G 42G 74G 129G 225G 394G


Hallstatt Item Store
Name Price Type Effect
3 Spinner 1,300G Movement Causes the user to spin three spinners this turn.
Town Warp 600G Movement Causes the user to teleport to a random accessible town.
Elixir 650G Healing Restores all the user's HP.
Soul Mop 400G Healing Cures Curse.
Panacea 1,400G Healing Cures Poison, Paralysis, Footsore, Fear, and all stat debuffs.
Invigorade 500G Power Up Increases the user's SP by 25% for about one week.
Jesta 500G Power Up Increases the user's MG by 25% for about one week.
Trap 800G Obstruct Places a Trap on the user's space.

Hallstatt Weapon Store
Name Price AT DF MG SP HP Preferred Job
Spear 2,800G 24 Cleric
Brass Knuckle 6,800G 28 2 10 Monk
Gladius 7,200G 34 3 Thief
Dragon Guandao 8,000G 38 Ninja
Mace 8,800G 40 1 -2 Magician-based
Smith's Hammer 12,000G 45 1 -3 10 Cleric
Bronze Shield 1,200G 14 -1
Lead Shield 4,800G 18 -3
Scale Shield 8,000G 27 2

Hallstatt Magic Store
Name Price Type Power Target Effect
Field Magic
Cobra Strike 200G Alter - One player or monster Poisons the target.
Atrophy 300G Weaken - One player or monster Inflicts AT Down on the target.
Lock 400G Alter - One player Seals the target.
Volt 800G Lightning 0.96 All opposing players and monsters near chosen space None
Time Out 800G Alter - One player Paralyzes the target.
Blistered Feet 1,200G Alter - One player Gives the target a Footsore.
Squall 1,500G Movement - One player Teleports the target to a random, accessible town.
Magma 1,600G Fire 1.5 One player or monster None
Offensive Magic
Drain 2,000G Drain 0 - Steals 50% of the opponent's current HP.
Scorch 2,500G Fire 1.95 - May reduce the opponent's DF by 25%.
Chill 3,150G Ice 2.1 - May reduce the opponent's AT by 25%.
Zap 3,750G Lightning 2.25 - May reduce the opponent's MG by 25%.
Defensive Magic
M Guard 500G Protect 20% - None
SP Charge 2,500G Assist 35% - Raises the user's SP by 50%.
DF Charge 3,750G Assist 35% - Raises the user's DF by 50%.
MG Charge 5,000G Assist 35% - Raises the user's MG by 50%.

Loot Spaces[]

Every Item Space, Magic Space, and Red Loot Space in Hallstatt contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Hallstatt Item Space (8 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
2 Spinner 2 Spinner 2 Spinner 3 Spinner 3 Spinner Town Warp
Store Warp Potion Potion Potion Potion Elixir
Elixir Panacea Soul Mop Stl-Bru Phyoose Invigorade
Jesta Magic Key Magic Mirror Trap Item Trickster Money Trickster
Reveal Multi Crystal Guided Warp

Hallstatt Magic Space (8 Slots)
Magma Ice Volt Atrophy Tenderize Slow
Daze Atrophy Tenderize Slow Daze Cobra Strike
Fraidy Cat Blistered Feet Lock Conjure Death Call Transfer

Hallstatt Red Loot Space (8 Slots)
Leopard Bandana Mirror Necklace Crimson Wand Sleep Bow Sleep Bow Copper Shield
Mirror Image Vacuum 30,000G 50,000G -100HP -100HP
-200HP -500HP -9,999HP -5,000G -5,000G -10,000G
-30,000G -50,000G Bankrupt Item -1 Item -1 Item -2
Magic -1 Magic -1 Magic -2 Poison Poison Footsore
Footsore Sleep AT Down DF Down MG Down SP Down
Fear Fear Seal Seal