Give up

Tap has Given Up.

Give Up is a Battle Command able to be used when defending against an opponent. However, choosing this option has bad side effects. When Give Up is used, you are inflicted with a Special Status known as Time Out. You cannot do anything for your next turn, however, if you are inflicted with Poison or Z Plague, or in the Sunken Shrine, you will still take damage. Also, Blackmail can activate. Fortunately, you cannot be targeted by Field Magic. It is impossible to Give Up against a Darkling, against Robo-Sassin, against Comacho, if you are wanted, are inflicted with In-battle Paralysis, or are Will Binded. The penalties for giving up is dependent on who give up is used against.

Giving Up against PlayerEdit



  • They can force their debt onto you.
  • They can force Cursed Items onto you.
  • They can force Status effects onto you



  • They can forgive you, and choose NOT to Rob, Give, or Prank you.

Also, the player you gave up against will become equal in EXP to you, if they are lower-leveled.

Giving Up against a MonsterEdit


  • They can take 1/4 of your G.
  • They can take 1, 2, or 3 Items.
  • They can take 1, 2, or 3 Field Magic.
  • You can't lose a Town.


  • If you have no Items, Field Magic, or G, they will have 50% chance to do nothing.


  • The CPUs give up when they find something that can kill them, or if the attacker has Banish, but the defender has no magic defense. They also give up when they fight a monster when a Darkling is on a map.
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