Field Skills are used by Adventurers to assist themselves (or hinder others) based on the class they are. Some activate randomly, while some are always active. Every Job in the game has its own field skill. Some are mimicked by certain Accessories or Items, while others are completely unique. Unlike Adventurer Battle Skills, Field Skills can only be used by the class they are associated with.

Field Skills by ClassEdit

Job Field Skill Effect
Warrior War Cry Buffs AT by 20% for about a week. Activated randomly at the start of your turn.
Magician Field Magic Combo

You can use two Field Magic in a turn.

Thief Pickpocket Steal a random item or field magic when passing another player on the board.
Cleric Holy Aura Heals half your max HP. Activated randomly at the start of your turn.
Spellsword Barrier Occasionally reflects field magics back to the caster. This activates about 50% of the time.
Alchemist Duplicate Duplicate a random Item or Field Magic in your inventory. Activated randomly at the start of your turn.
Ninja Item Combo You can use two Items in a turn, except for when you use movement-type item first.
Monk Fire Up As your HP goes down, your other stats go up.
Acrobat Play Dead 50% chance of reviving the Adventurer to 1/2 max HP. Applies before Revivals, but after Deathblocks.
Robo Knight GOTO System Allows you to move 0–6 spaces of your choosing. Activated randomly at the start of your turn.
Hero Full Combo Allows you to use both an Item and a Field Magic in the same turn.
Darkling Dark Arts The Darkling begins each turn by spinning a Dark Art Spinner, which provide Dark Art points. These points can be spent on Dark Arts, which replace the player's Bag during Darklingdom. Only one Dark Art can be used each turn, but there is no limit to the number of times each skill can be used.
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