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Dokapon the World (ドカポン・ザ・ワールド) is a 2004 PlayStation 2 game in the Dokapon series created by Asmik Ace Entertainment. Sting helped Asmik with the development of this game. This is the only game that takes place in the real world.

In this game, the players will need to fight masters to get special jobs. Players will use their attack skills to defeat monsters. Events will also occur, and some of them are special mini-games.


The game has a total of 10 chapters.

1. Asia defeat all boss and big boss in the cave appear

2. Europe kill three boss until big boss allow that character to mansion or kill them all before mansion. Big boss will be in random room so you need to find him. Random Everytime you play new game until Europe (New Save File)

3. Russia get 5 town and upgrade 1 time all 5 town. big boss will appear. sometime u need to control CPU in setting to Upgrade all 5 town because U will stuck in Russia forever (Risky)

4. NA kill all boss and Big Boss Appear in Cave

5. SA Kill the boss in the right town randomly u will get key item to Dungeon Permission only that character to go there

6. Coala Land kill one boss and Coala appear Random for 5 time to Defeat him and go to cave to save Yellow. Final Coala Appear random town just Kill him

7. Africa kill one boss and big boss appear use clones keep killing all clones respawn he will give up it not RNG just kill them All until he run to dungeon and go for it but this time he has stand god protect him in the fight

8&9 North & South two boss appear in same time so we need CPU Control Setting to do the job to kill them in same time in N & S

10 Atlantis? just go in there to only the Center Door and keep going until you meet boss in final area

Every jobs had 5 star

Class1 4 win per 1 star (don't care about monster level one hit kill = 1 win) EveryJob Class work the same

Class2 5 win per 1 star Class3 7 win per 1 star Novice 12 win per 1 star

Can get Class 3 in Chapter1 (No Restrict) It good to keep fight weak monster more than get item or Magic Book to farm Star Job

Strat Class3 Necromancer Speedrun can use X Ability to Curse Everythings 100% no immune in this game even big boss or moon god everything can get curse

No Element or Type Enemy in This game it no effect Example: Monkey(Chimpy) With HIV(Z)can hit moon god with Aids to Dead in just one bite even 0 Damage bite contact moon god will get HIV(Z) from it 100% Damage him over time until 1 HP left even he cant die from it he still have aids permanent same as poison until he cure himself or antidote serum so Poison Magic or Debuff work the same like Z to Moon God Until he left with 1 HP

Every Debuffs in this game work on every enemy so Necromancer is the best to Abuse it. Mage Class 2 Arc Mage is Good Too but can be Only Ban Enemy Normal Attack O 100% (Enemy still can use Magic and Critical hit on you to let you Counter) when Necromancer Curse the Whole Debuffs in The Game to Enemy and had no chance to fight back 100%. u can Spamming X Curse Ability Unlimit Time even All Debuffed Enemy will go back to Normal in around 2 Turn so you still had time to Curse enemys again if they don't die yet from First Curse just keep Spamming X all over again and kill them. Devilman Assassin Bounty Hunter Etc. Everything can lose to Necromancer if Necromancer get RNG the First Turn to Spamming X Curse to them. (Possible Confirm)

In game

Differences from Dokapon Kingdom[]

  • The game takes place in the Real World, starting with Asia.
  • The characters are paper shaped models.
  • Weekly Game events take place in the middle of the week.
  • Along with other old games, each week starts on Monday.
  • This game has another job to start from
  • This game has a far more deep and in depth class system


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