Dokapon Wiki

Dokapon Wiki, the wiki created in 2009, is the community you are currently viewing.

April 2009: The creation of this wiki[]

Dokapon Kingdom is actually a game published in 2008, but this wiki didn't appear until 2009. Our hero (the creator), finally creates this wiki in April 2009, when he started with basic Jobs.

2010–15: The era of a lot of missing infos[]

If you know, please simply expand this short section.

2014–15: The up and down of our WAM scores – the clearer period[]

2015: a lot of retirements[]

August: the era of "THE 3 ADMINS" (333-blue, Supperman88 and Dusk)[]

These 3 admins helped this wiki climbed to the top 1500 of our WAM Rank.

Autumn to the end of the year: cool down[]

In the later September, Dusk didn't edit since that time, when Florke appeared, then disappeared.

Around the Thanksgiving, Supperman88 didn't edit since that time, leaving only 333-blue left. Will Supperman88 come back?

Early 2016: The creation of this history page[]

It is about 7 years later of the creation of this page, so like the section above, most infos are missing.

February: Dropping the top 5000[]

We dropped to 0.00 in our WAM score, we ranked outside 5000 in the WAM.

We were still trying to get back to the top 3750.

March: To guess who just got back[]

It was Supperman88! He said that he will improve this wiki as before!

Our WAM Rank is mostly around 3000–5000.

Late 2016: Research Confirmed[]

After some research about other Dokapon Games, the game pages were posted.

October: Adding more Dokapon Games[]

Thanks to research, more Dokapon Series games have been found. They are Japan exclusive games that were never released in the west. However, translation is needed, and some infos are still missing.

Late 2017: Wiki Adoption[]

Due to the inactivity of the wiki, the user JosephTheElite adopted the wiki on December 13, 2017.