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A fully-completed game of Dokapon Cards.

Dokapon Cards is a Weekly Event held by Green Jr. at the beginning of a random week in Dokapon Kingdom.


Dokapon Cards is a basic memory game themed around various elements of Dokapon Kingdom in which all Adventurers must participate.

How to PlayEdit

Once the Weekly Event appears, a turn order must be decided within the minigame. Afterwards, each Adventurer takes turn flipping two cards. If an Adventurer is successful in making a pair, they get to try and make another pair. There are 18 cards in the game, which means that there are 9 pairs. Each card pair rewards the Adventurer with an Item, G, or a various Magic, with one exception. The cards and what they do when paired are as follows:

  • D: "D" awards the Adventurer with an Item when paired with another "D" card.
  • O: "O" awards the Adventurer with G. The amount can be calculated by multiplying the Week number by 500. For example, Week 3 yields 1500, Week 6 yields 3000, Week 9 yields 4500, and so on and so forth.
  • K: "K" awards the Adventurer with a Field Magic.
  • A: "A" awards the Adventurer with a Weapon.
  • P: "P" awards the Adventurer with a Shields.
  • O: There are two "O" pairs as there are two "O"'s in "Dokapon." Both pairs function the same.
  • N: "N" awards the Adventurer with an Accessory.
  • !: "!" awards the player with a Battle Magic.
  • Bomb: When an Adventurer flips over a single Bomb card, it explodes and subtracts the last pair of cards that Adventurer matched. If the Adventurer has no pairs, the Bomb does nothing. There are two of these, and matching them is impossible because the Adventurer who flipped over the Bomb's turn ends after the explosion and the loss of a pair, if applicable.
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    An incomplete game.

Additional PrizesEdit

If one single Adventurer manages to match all pairs, without losing any to bombs, that Adventurer will be awarded with a whopping sum of one million (1,000,000G).

This can be done a lot easier with an exploit:

  1. You use a paper to write down the answers.
  2. Restart the saved data and use that paper to match all.
  3. If wrong, keep repeating step 1 and 2 until the paper is correct.
  4. That should earn you a lot of money easier.