The Daunting Mountain is a dungeon found in Llano, the fourth continent. Inside contains some decent equipment, and at the top is the Castle in the Clouds. Rico Jr. also has an increased appear rate here, likely to make it easier to get the Angel Wings needed to get the Hero License.

Map Edit

Daunting Mountain (3F)

DK-DMLevel2 DK-DMLevel1

Stores Edit

Daunting Mountain Magic Store (Level 1)
Name Price Type Power Target Effect
Field Magic
Volt 800G Lightning 0.96 All opposing players and monsters near chosen space None
Sleepy Time 2,000G Alter - One player or monster Puts the target to Sleep.
Volt+ 2,600G Lightning 1.56 All opposing players and monsters near chosen space None
Ice+ 3,000G Ice 1.8 All opposing players and monsters on chosen space None
Curse 3,000G Alter - One player or monster Curses the target.
Transfer 3,200G Movement - One player Swaps the target and user's locations.
Magma+ 3,800G Fire 2.1 One player or monster None
Down 4,000G Weaken - One player or monster Inflicts All Down on the target.
Offensive Magic
Scorcher 50,000G Fire 5.3 - May reduce the opponent's DF by 25%.
Chiller 62,000G Ice 5.8 - May reduce the opponent's AT by 25%.
Zapper 68,000G Lightning 6.3 - May reduce the opponent's MG by 25%.
Guster 70,000G Wind 6.4 - May reduce the opponent's SP by 25%.
Defensive Magic
M Guard 500G Protect 20% - None
Refresh 5,750G Heal 20% - Recovers a bit of HP.
Refresh+ 40,000G Heal 35% - Recovers a lot of HP.
M Guard+ 50,000G Protect 60% - None

Daunting Mountain Item Store (Level 2)
Name Price Type Effect
2 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly two spaces instead of using a spinner.
3 Spinner 1,300G Movement Causes the user to spin three spinners this turn.
Field Warp 1,700G Movement Causes the user to teleport to the entrance of the dungeon they are currently in.
Elixir 650G Healing Restores all the user's HP.
Panacea 1,400G Healing Cures Poison, Paralysis, Footsore, Fear, and all stat debuffs.
Phyoose 500G Power Up Increases the user's DF by 25% for about one week.
Trap 800G Obstruct Places a Trap on the user's space.
Roadblock Rock 2,500G Obstruct Places a giant rock on the user's space, preventing passage.

Daunting Mountain Weapon Store (Level 3)
Name Price AT DF MG SP HP Preferred Job
Thunder Blade 60,000G 76 3 Warrior-based
Long Spear 70,000G 80 Warrior-based
Ichimonji Katana 80,000G 82 1 Ninja
Crossbow 90,000G 84 4 Acrobat
Warhammer 107,500G 88 8 -6 Cleric
Cyber Saber 120,000G 92 1 1 1 10 Robo Knight
Large Shield 45,000G 2 63 -6
Steel Shield 67,500G 69 -3
Knight Shield 90,000G 83 20

Loot Spaces Edit

Every Item Space, Magic Space, Money Space, Red Loot Space, and White Loot Space in Daunting Mountain (regardless of floor) contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Daunting Mountain Item Space (10 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
3 Spinner 3 Spinner 4 Spinner 5 Spinner 5 Spinner Field Warp
Field Warp Field Warp Field Warp Field Warp Field Warp Elixir
Elixir Elixir Elixir Panacea Soul Mop Stl-Bru
Phyoose Invigorade Jesta Trap Dodger Reveal Vanish
Magic Key Magic Key Magic Key Magic Key Magic Key Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror Mattock Roadblock Rock Rock Costume Trap Item Trickster
Money Trickster Reveal Reveal Charm Potion Multi Crystal Multi Crystal
Multi Crystal Guided Warp Super Spinner Cunning Disguise Revival Deathblock
Gold Bug White Arrow Skeleton Key Template:? Template:? Template:?

Daunting Mountain Magic Space (10 Slots)
Magma+ Magma+ Ice+ Ice+ Volt+ Volt+
Magma DX Ice DX Volt DX Atrophy Tenderize Slow
Daze Time Out Cobra Strike Cobra Storm Fraidy Cat Blistered Feet
Sleepy Time Sleepy Time Curse Lock Curse All Lockdown
Squall Conjure Purse Cutter Transfer Psychokinesis Mystery
Town Conjure Come Here Death Call Down Template:? Template:?

Daunting Mountain Money Space (10 Slots)
10G 100G 300G 500G 1,000G 1,000G
3,000G 3,000G 3,000G 5,000G 5,000G 5,000G
10,000G 10,000G 10,000G 10,000G 20,000G 20,000G
30,000G 30,000G 30,000G 50,000G 50,000G Template:?

Daunting Mountain Red Loot Space (10 Slots)
Angel Choker Dokaqon Sword Dokaqon Shield Dokaqon Sword 300,000G 500,000G
Magic Medicine Magic Medicine Skeleton Key Mix-up Conjure All -100 HP
-200 HP -500 HP -1,000 HP -9,999 HP -1,000G -5,000G
-10,000G -30,000G -50,000G -100,000G -200,000G Random Warp
Bankrupt Item -1 Item -2 Item -3 Magic -1 Magic -2
Magic -3 Poison Footsore Sleep AT Down DF Down
MG Down SP Down Fear Seal Template:? Template:?

Daunting Mountain White Loot Space (10 Slots)
Ichimonji Katana Crossbow Chi Knuckle Large Shield Steel Shield Zapper
Guster M Guard+ Refresh+ Multi Crystal Super Spinner Guided Warp
Revival Magic Medicine Reveal Deathblock Skeleton Key Charm Potion
Gold Bug Super Spinner White Arrow Magma DX Ice DX Volt DX
Down Curse All Lockdown Death Call Squall Transfer
Vacuum 2,000G 2,000G 3,000G 5,000G 8,000G
10,000G 20,000G 30,000G 50,000G 100,000G 100,000G
Warm Gloves Air Ring Fire Bracelet Ice Bracelet Elec Bracelet Wind Bracelet
Dodge Necklace Galoshes Heart Slippers Hero Boots Gold Shoes Leopard Bandana
Zebra Bandana Squid Ring Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:?


Dokapon Kingdom Original Soundtrack - 34 - Daunting Mountain

Dokapon Kingdom Original Soundtrack - 34 - Daunting Mountain

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