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Name Cost Description
Trap Summon 10 Sets traps on eight random spaces on the Darkling's current map.
Item Stopper 20 Seals all players' bags.
Caltrops 30 Gives all players a footsore.
Banker Strike 40 Closes all Loot and Bank Spaces.
Worker Strike 40 Closes all Building Spaces.
Market Crash 60 Throws away half of all players' money.
Nap Time 60 Makes all players fall asleep.
Day Off 70 Closes all Loot, Bank, and Building spaces.
Come Here 100 Summons all players to the Darkling's space. This can force a fight on the Darkling's turn.
Local Assault 120 Summons monsters to all Towns on the current continent.
III Cartographo 120 Transforms all Empty Spaces into Doom Spaces. Any players who land on this space, immediately enters a battle with the Darkling. The Darkling does not retain damage from III Cartographio fights.
Castle Panic 160 Takes a random Castle owned by a player, earning EXP as if the Darkling had landed on it.
Global Assault 200 Places Monsters to all towns on all continents.
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