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Clovis is the third continent in Dokapon Kingdom. This continent contains the second temple, Maple Temple. Since it is the third continent, it contains stronger enemies than the second continent. It contains the entrance to the Lava Cave and the Lost Forest. Clovis is modeled after the real life continent North America, and is the gateway to Llano and Gunnbjorn. It contains the third castle, Yukon Castle. Clovis contains 7 towns, Allegheny, Calumet, Duwamish, Conroe, Hoover, Zumpango, and Stikine.




Town Value Lv.1 Value Lv.3 Value Lv.6 Taxes Lv.1 Taxes Lv.2 Taxes Lv.3 Taxes Lv.4 Taxes Lv.5 Taxes Lv.6
Stikine 600,000G 1,200,000G 1,800,000G
Duwamish 420,000G 840,000G 1,260,000G
Allegheny 540,000G 1,080,000G 1,620,000G
Calumet 420,000G 840,000G 1,260,000G
Conroe 440,000G 880,000G 1,320,000G
Hoover 460,000G 920,000G 1,380,000G
Zumpango 580,000G 1,160,000G 1,740,000G


Clovis Item Store
Name Price Type Effect
5 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly five spaces instead of using a spinner.
3 Spinner 1,300G Movement Causes the user to spin three spinners this turn.
Store Warp 1,100G Movement Causes the user to teleport to a random accessible store on the overworld.
Elixir 650G Healing Restores all the user's HP.
Stl-Bru 500G Power Up Increases the user's AT by 25% for about one week.
Mattock 250G Assist Breaks all Roadblock Rocks on the current map.
Magic Key 350G Assist Allows the user to open a single Locked Box.
Vanish 1,000G Assist Turns the user Invisible.

Clovis Weapon Store
Name Price AT DF MG SP HP Preferred Job
Dragon Guandao 8,000G 38 Ninja
Mace 8,800G 40 1 -2 Magician-based
Smith's Hammer 12,000G 45 1 -3 10 Cleric
Sabre 21,500G 50 1 Warrior-based
Crimson Wand 26,000G 52 2 Magician-based
Trident 31,500G 56 2 -4 Warrior-based
Lead Shield 4,800G 18 -3
Scale Shield 8,000G 27 2
Copper Shield 20,000G 33 -2

Clovis Magic Store
Name Price Type Power Target Effect
Field Magic
Tenderize 280G Weaken - One player or monster Inflicts DF Down on the target.
Atrophy 300G Weaken - One player or monster Inflicts AT Down on the target.
Time Out 800G Alter - One player Paralyzes the target.
Purse Cutter 1,500G Special - One player Destroys a few items or field magic of the target.
Conjure 8,000G Summon - An Empty Space with at least one player Summons a monster to the target space.
Volt+ 2,600G Lightning 1.56 All opposing players and monsters near chosen space None
Curse 3,000G Alter - One player or monster Curses the target.
Magma+ 3,800G Fire 2.1 One player or monster None
Offensive Magic
Zap 3,750G Lightning 2.25 - May reduce the opponent's MG by 25%.
Gust 5,000G Wind 2.45 - May reduce the opponent's SP by 25%.
Mirror Image 12,500G Physical 2.4 - None
Scorcher 50,000G Fire 2.65 - May reduce the opponent's DF by 25%.
Defensive Magic
M Guard 500G Protect 20% - None
Refresh 5,750G Heal 20% - Recovers a bit of HP.
Seal Magic 20,000G Counter 30% - Seals the opponent's Offensive Magic.
Super Cure 25,000G Heal 50% - Cures all the user's status ailments.

Loot Spaces[]

Every Item Space, Magic Space, and Red Loot Space in Clovis contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Clovis Item Store (8 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
2 Spinner 2 Spinner 2 Spinner 3 Spinner 3 Spinner Store Warp
Potion Elixir Elixir Elixir Panacea Stl-Bru
Phyoose Invigorade Jesta Vanish Magic Key Magic Mirror
Trap Reveal Item Trickster Money Trickster Charm Potion Multi Crystal
Deathblock Gold Bug

Clovis Magic Space (8 Slots)
Magma Magma+ Volt Volt+ Atrophy Tenderize
Slow Daze Atrophy Tenderize Slow Daze
Down Time Out Time Out Cobra Strike Fraidy Cat Fraidy Cat
Blistered Feet Curse Lock Squall Conjure Purse Cutter
Sleepy Time Come Here Transfer Template:? Template:? Template:?

Clovis Red Loot Space (10 Slots)
Zebra Bandana Ring of Defense Dream Rod Dream Rod Battleaxe Iron Shield
Magic Medicine 100,000G 50,000G 100,000G -100 HP -100 HP
-200 HP -500 HP -1,000 HP -9,999 HP -1,000G -5,000G
-10,000G -30,000G -50,000G -100,000G Bankrupt Item -1
Item -2 Item -2 Item -3 Magic -1 Magic -2 Magic -2
Magic -3 Poison Footsore Sleep AT Down DF Down
MG Down SP Down Fear Seal Template:? Template:?