Clonus is a type of monster in Dokapon Kingdom which copies its opponent's stats and skills.

Clonus appear during Chapters 2 and 8 during the story mode, and both must be defeated to advance the storyline at their respective points in the story. In Chapter 2, there is only one, and it will copy the player that is currently in the battle with it. In Chapter 8, each player character (Human and CPU) will have their own Clonus, and must defeat their own copy to advance. Defeating another player's Clonus does not allow you to advance.

Patterns in battlesEdit

Chapter 2 Clonus: This Clonus doesn't seem to have a set pattern, and will generally choose their Attacks and Defenses on a random basis. They Counter a little more often than a standard monster, but otherwise can be Struck without too many repercussions.

Final Chapter Clonus: This Clonus is considerably harder to beat than Chapter 2, auto-countering the character does, blocking Offensive Magic with Defensive Magic, and otherwise always picking the right actions to counter the player unless commands being sealed. Note: you may defeat other player's clonus.


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