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IceGod9001 IceGod9001 14 April 2019

Speedrunning ideas

So, here is the thing. Co-op speedruns currently are using one player to actually play and use the other to always be in last place so that they can become a Darkling and give the player in first place over-powered items like the Overlord's Crown. I believe that the second player can be used to help speed up game progress. If single player speedruns exist where there is an AI against them, then why can't the same strategies be applied to a co-op speedrun? Starmoneywhatwhatwhatmoney and I are currently attempting this strategy for a Dokapon speedrun world record.

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333-blue 333-blue 16 January 2016

A Voting Day!

Today is the voting day of Chinese Taipei, although it's kind of boring, though. 333-blue 07:50, January 16, 2016 (UTC)

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333-blue 333-blue 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Although by this time, most of western countries are still in 2015, but now, it's 2016! 333-blue 16:05, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

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333-blue 333-blue 19 December 2015

10 Things: Stats

  1. They are important.
  2. AT can heavily attack your current opponent.
  3. DF can protect your-self, but not as important as AT, HP is better.
  4. MG means magic.
  5. MG is important if you are a magician or its upgrade.
  6. SP affects Field Magics and your Battle.
  7. HP is the most important.
  8. AT = Weapon.
  9. DF = Shield.
  10. HP = Accessories.
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Dusk-Argentum Dusk-Argentum 4 September 2015

Sorry for not editing a lot recently!

Sorry for not editing a lot recently! I haven't had much time to play Dokapon Kingdom or get on the Wikia with school starting up again. I'll be able to start up again soon, though!

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Supperman88 Supperman88 23 August 2015

Darkling: How to Kill

For those of you who have played Dokapon Kingdom, the name "Darkling" stirs up fear and anger in you. They always destroy all of your hard-earned progress. They are also practically unkillable. Practically. Ladies and Gentlemen, it CAN be done, and it is quite simple, if you can pull off the setup.

  • 1 Non-Soul Fire Route
    • 1.1 What you need
    • 1.2 Setup
    • 1.3 Battle
  • 2 Using Soul Fire
    • 2.1 Battle

  • AT LEAST 1 Magic Medicine
  • AT LEAST 1 Down or 1 Sleepy Time
  • RECOMMENDED 1 5 Spinner or 1 Super Spinner
  • RECOMMENDED 1 Reveal
  • RECOMMENDED 1+ Deathblock
  • RECOMMENDED 1+ Revival (Deathblock is more important)
  • Battle Skill: Afterburn, Guard, COPY, Harden
  • Defensive Magic: M Guard DX or Bounce/Super Bounce
  • Class (In order of best to worse): Hero, Acrobat, Monk, …

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333-blue 333-blue 16 August 2015

10 Things: Prank

  1. Prank is what you get if you lose the battle in the game.
  2. Can be removed by visiting Dokapon Castle.
  3. Can not heal at temples.
  4. It can be made by players and all monsters.
  5. Change your name.
  6. Change you hairstyle.
  7. Change your face (draw on).
  8. It's very strange.
  9. Sometimes makes you win the hairstyle contest.
  10. Other players will not like you anymore.
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333-blue 333-blue 14 August 2015

10 Things: Wabbit

  1. Wabbits are monsters.
  2. They bring happiness.
  3. They have auto-counter.
  4. They often escape.
  5. It is very hard to kill them.
  6. Kill them when you have high AT.
  7. You can get good things from them if they were killed by you.
  8. They are one of the cutest monsters.
  9. You can get Wabbit Shield from them.
  10. Fashion Mag #8 is dropped by them.
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333-blue 333-blue 13 August 2015

Mitch Digger 0

It's very hard to double your town value in the special event, Mitch Digger. I watched the video of therunawayguys several times, usually you will spin 0 and it has only a small chance to spin 4 or upper numbers in this event.

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Supperman88 Supperman88 13 August 2015

The story of woe: How CPU's will always cheat.

I was playing Dokapon Kingdom on a mess-around Battle Royale Shopping Race file. I was dominating a CPU, and it was just me and it. They turn into the darkling, and of course I am scared for my life. It chases me into the Underground Passage between the Africa continent and the Australia Continent. I realize there is a hope when I get a Down Field Magic from a Magic Space. I am currently Lv. 99, and the CPU is Lv. 92. I am a Hero with every class mastered, and my current Battle Skill is Glory. I have a Deathblock and a Revival. My weapon is the Flare Lance, and my shield is the Dragon Shield. My accessory is the Dokapon Ring. I decide to attempt to kill the Darkling. I use the Magic Medicine in my inventory, and cast Down on the Darkling. …

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