Aphrike is the sixth continent in Dokapon Kingdom. It is based off of the real world continent of Africa.

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Aphrike Item Store
Name Price Type Effect
5 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly five spaces instead of using a spinner.
6 Crystal 500G Movement Causes the user to move exactly six spaces instead of using a spinner.
4 Spinner 3,500G Movement Causes the user to spin four spinners this turn.
Town Warp 600G Movement Causes the user to teleport to a random accessible town.
Elixir 650G Healing Restores all the user's HP.
Soul Mop 400G Healing Cures Curse.
Panacea 1,400G Healing Cures Poison, Paralysis, Footsore, Fear, and all stat debuffs.
Rock Costume 2,800G Obstruct Turns the user into a giant, moving rock for about one week, preventing others from passing the user.

Aphrike Weapon Store
Name Price AT DF MG SP HP Preferred Job
Warhammer 107,500G 88 8 -6 Cleric
Cyber Saber 120,000G 92 1 1 1 10 Robo Knight
Estoc 132,500G 94 Warrior-based
Longbow 145,000G 96 Acrobat
Repeater 165,000G 104 Acrobat
Knitten Mitten 185,000G 108 30 Monk
Knight Shield 90,000G 83 20
Silver Shield 126,000G 107 3
Shell Shield 146,000G 131 5 -1

Aphrike Magic Store
Name Price Type Power Target Effect
Field Magic
Cobra Strike 200G Alter - One player or monster Poisons the target.
Atrophy 300G Weaken - One player or monster Inflicts AT Down on the target.
Time Out 800G Alter - One player Paralyzes the target.
Blistered Feet 1,200G Alter - One player Gives the target a Footsore.
Squall 1,500G Movement - One player Teleports the target to a random, accessible town.
Lockdown 3,600G Alter - All opposing players on current map Seals all targets.
Magma+ 3,800G Fire 2.1 One player or monster None
Volt DX 10,000G Lightning 3.0 All opposing players and monsters near chosen space None
Offensive Magic
Teleport 25,000G Physical 6.0 - None
Scorcher 50,000G Fire 5.3 - May reduce the opponent's DF by 25%.
Chiller 62,000G Ice 5.8 - May reduce the opponent's AT by 25%.
Zapper 68,000G Lightning 6.3 - May reduce the opponent's MG by 25%.
Defensive Magic
Seal Magic 20,000G Counter 30% - Seals the opponent's Offensive Magic.
Super Cure 25,000G Heal 50% - Cures all the user's status ailments.
Refresh+ 40,000G Heal 35% - Recovers a lot of HP.
M Guard DX 95,000G Protect 90% - None

Loot Spaces Edit

Every Item Space, Magic Space, and Red Loot Space in Aphrike contains the following equally likely possibilities:

Aphrike Item Space (10 Slots)
1 Crystal 2 Crystal 3 Crystal 4 Crystal 5 Crystal 6 Crystal
2 Spinner 3 Spinner 3 Spinner 4 Spinner 5 Spinner Super Spinner
Field Warp Store Warp Potion Elixir Panacea Soul Mop
Stl-Bru Phyoose Invigorade Jesta Magic Key Mattock
Roadblock Rock Rock Costume Trap Item Trickster Money Trickster Reveal
Charm Potion Multi Crystal Template:? Template:? Template:? Template:?

Aphrike Magic Space (10 Slots)
Magma Magma+ Ice Ice+ Volt Volt+
Volt DX Atrophy Tenderize Slow Daze Atrophy
Tenderize Slow Daze Down Time Out Cobra Strike
Cobra Storm Fraidy Cat Blistered Feet Curse Lock Lock
Lockdown Squall Conjure Conjure Purse Cutter Sleepy Time
Curse All Lockdown Typhoon Mystery Flash Bomb Vacuum

Aphrike Red Loot Space (10 Slots)
Angel Choker Elven Bow Arbalest Arbalest Dural Shield Bounce
Magic Medicine Mix-up Mix-up Conjure All 300,000G -100 HP
-200 HP -500 HP -1,000 HP -3,000 HP -9,999 HP -5,000G
-10,000G -30,000G -50,000G -100,000G -200,000G -300,000G
Random Warp Bankrupt Item -1 Item -2 Item -3 Magic -1
Magic -2 Magic -3 Poison Footsore Sleep AT Down
DF Down MG Down SP Down Fear Seal Template:?

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