Angelo Kingdom

Angelo in Dokapon Kingdom

Angelo In DX

Angelo as he appears in Dokapon DX

Angelo is the character that shows up on the main screen, and walks players through the game starting process. In Dokapon the World and Dokapon Journey, Angelo is represented as a female humanoid. In Dokapon Kingdom, his favorite game mode is Battle Royale.


Angelo first appears before the game starts, when the player chooses their styles.

When a player is spinning three or more Spinners and they all land on the same number, Angelo will come down and give the player an item.

Angelo can also give a player some equipment if a player has none after coming back to life. This could happen if a Darkling deleted all of that player's equipment. He will give a Weapon and/or a Shield.

Angelo in world

Angelo in Dokapon the World

In Dokapon Kingdom, when a player dies, Angelo may come down and offer to bring you back to life for a large fee. He may also occasionally appear after a player has been dead for 3 days.

Angelo has been found as a Special Event NPC and will give a good random item for a lot of money corresponding to your level.