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Artwork of the Alchemist

Unlocked By:

Master Thief and Magician


+1 DF, +2 MG, +1 SP


+1 MG/Level

Alchemist is a Job class in Dokapon Kingdom obtainable after mastering both the Thief and Magician jobs.

In-game description: "Produces items using magic. It's said they can turn rocks into gold..."


  • Stats/Level: +1 DF +2 MG +1 SP
  • Mastery: +1 MG/Level



Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.8

  • Level 1: 1,200 G
  • Level 2: 2,160 G
  • Level 3: 3,888 G
  • Level 4: 6,998 G
  • Level 5: 12,597 G
  • Level 6: 22,674 G


  • Level 2: Alchemy – Transmute damage done into gold.
  • Level 4: Debug – Decreases opponent's HP to 1. Misses often.
  • Field Skill: Duplicate – Duplicate a random Item or Field Magic in your inventory.

End of Week Bonus: Use Battle Skill 5 times.

Related Jobs[]

Contributes to Robo Knight


Alchemy is one of the fastest ways of making money in Dokapon Kingdom. Using Alchemy and then hitting Kobold in the Battle for a large amount of damage can earn you more than 300,000 gold (the fastest is 1 day).

Using Alchemy and Magic Medicines, you can earn tons of money fast. Attack weak Monsters near Dokapon Castle and use Alchemy, but have only 1 Item and no Field Magic: the 1 Item is a Magic Medicine. Let Duplicate fill up your Items with Magic Medicines, and eventually, sell all the Magic Medicines but 1. Rinse and Repeat.

The Wallace Badge, an Accessory dropped by Wallace, has the same effects as the Alchemist's Duplicate Field Skill.

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