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Here is a list of all the Battle Skills Adventurers can get in Dokapon Kingdom. New skills can be obtained by leveling up a Job to level 2 or 4.

Details[edit | edit source]


  1. Every time you switch to a different Job, except the Darkling, you always have the Battle Skill "Charge".
  2. All buffs caused by Adventurer Battle Skills will only last the Battle.
Name Job Mastery Description
???? Acrobat 4 Will have a random Skill effect (except for ???? and these).
Afterburn Monk 4 Increases all stats by 50%, but halves your HP after battle.
Alchemy Alchemist 2 Creates Gs from damage done in Battle.
Chakra Spellsword 2 Raises your AT and MG by 50%.
Charge All (except for Darkling) 1 Raises AT by 50%. Can Stack.
Copy Robo Knight 2 Copies the enemy's stats if higher than yours.
Debug Alchemist 4 Reduces the enemy's HP to 1. Misses often, the chance of missing is about 87.5%.
Delete Darkling N/A Erases your enemy's Weapon, Shield, Accessory, Offensive Magic, Defensive Magic, All G, All Items, or All Field Magic. Delete cannot be used against a Darkling if it created through ????.
Decoy Ninja 4 Protects you from physical and magical attacks 50% of time.
Escape Thief 4 Escape from Battle without punishments.
Glory Hero 2 Forces any enemies who are not protecting their Towns/Darkling to Give Up.
Guard Hero 4 Raises random stats by 50%.
Harden Robo Knight 4 Chance to nullify physical attacks.
Heal Cleric 2 Recovers all/half of your HP.
Meditate Magician 2 Doubles MG. Can Stack.
Muscle Warrior 2 Raises AT and DF by 50%.
Overload Warrior 4 Triples AT, but has a chance to reduce your AT by half.
Pierce Spellsword 4 Your next attack will ignore your enemy's defense.
Play Dumb Acrobat 2 Chance to nullify magical attacks.
Prayer Cleric 4 Heals 50% of your total HP and cures some Status ailments.
Restrict Magician 4 Seals a random Battle Command.
Sneak Hit Ninja 2 Reduces enemy HP by 50%, with a chance of instant kill. It cannot be used against a Darkling.
Soul Fire Monk 2 Raises AT by 50% every round you are in battle.
Steal Thief 2 Steals an Item or a Field Magic.
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