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Artwork of the Acrobat

Unlocked By:

Give a Show Ticket to the King


+1 AT, +1 DF, +1 SP, +10 HP


+10 HP/Level

Acrobat Class.jpg

Acrobat is a Job class in Dokapon Kingdom that becomes available when having a Show Ticket. Show Tickets can be won from the Casino in the Casino Cave. On the 5,000 gold slots, getting a triple cherry or triple coin and then getting "Great" will guarantee the Show Ticket. It is also possible to receive the Show Ticket by getting "Great" on the 50,000 gold slots, but it is extremely rare. If a Show Ticket is stolen by another adventurer, you will not be able to change into Acrobat. The Show Ticket must be brought to the King to change to Acrobat the first time. If you do not change into the Acrobat after going in the first time, you'll still have the Show Ticket and can lose the class

In-game description: "A professional entertainer who can fool anyone with expert acting skills."


Per Level: +1 AT +1 DF +1 SP +10 HP

Mastery: +10 HP/Level


Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.2

  • Level 1: 300 G
  • Level 2: 360 G
  • Level 3: 432 G
  • Level 4: 518 G
  • Level 5: 622 G
  • Level 6: 746 G

End of Week Bonus: travel 20 spaces (times 3 salary).



  • Level 2: Play Dumb – Chance to nullify magic attacks.
  • Level 4: ???? – In Battle, this Skill will be replaced by another random Battle Skill. The skills can be anything from adventurer battle skills to the Darkling's Delete skill. It will stay the same for the duration of the battle.
  • Field Skill: Play Dead – Upon death, has a chance of reviving the user. Supposed 50% chance. If the Skill is successful in reviving you, it will save you from using revivals in your inventory if you have any.

Related Jobs[]

Contributes to Hero.


  • Once you have changed to this class it becomes permanently available to you. If you immediately change class after switching to it you do NOT need another Show Ticket.
  • The Play Dead ability is also granted by the Angel Choker, a rare drop from Sphynx in Aphrike.
  • The Acrobat has the lowest salary of any Jobs in the game.
  • If an adventurer is able to master Acrobat before mastering any of the starting Jobs, they will still unlock Cleric.