Dokapon Wiki
Dokapon Wiki
ID Name AT DF MG SP HP Locations
1 Power Gloves 5 Hobgoblin
60,000G None​
2 Guard Gloves 5 Kobold King
60,000G None​
3 Spirit Gloves 5 Magician, Banshee
60,000G None​
4 Speed Gloves 5 Halfling
60,000G None​
5 Vital Gloves 20 Casino Cave (Red Loot Space)
60,000G None​
6 Warm Gloves 1 Bandit, Troll
6,000G Prevents Paralysis from Snow spaces.​
7 Air Ring 10 Sea Serpent, Daunting Mountain 3F (White Loot Space)
4,000G Negates damage from being underwater.​
8 Ring of Power 15 Sunken Shrine
100,000G None​
9 Ring of Defense 15 Clovis (Red Loot Space), Tower of Rabble (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
10 Ring of Speed 15 Ninja, Daunting Mountain 1F (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
11 Ring of Magic 15 Wizard, Lava Cave 3F (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
12 Dokapon Ring 15 15 15 15 4 Spinner, Flinders (Red Loot Space)
1,000,000G None​
13 Squid Ring Squilla, The Castle in the Clouds
1,110G Prevents Paralysis from Snow spaces, Poison from Swamp, and negates damage for being underwater.
14 Angel Ring 50 Kraken, Unseelie
300,000G ?​
15 Fire Bracelet 3 Heckhound, Lava Cave 2F (Locked Box Space)
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Magma, Magma+, and Magma DX by 50%.​
16 Ice Bracelet 3 Fenrir, Sunken Ship (White Loot Space)
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Ice, Ice+, and Ice DX by 50%.​
17 Elec Bracelet 3 Wisp
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Volt, Volt+, and Volt DX by 50%.​
18 Wind Bracelet 3 Sylph
24,000G ?​
19 Crystal Choker Asiana (Red Loot Space), Casino Cave
160,000G Randomly activates a Multi Crystal at the start of the user's turn.​
20 Mirror Necklace Lich
300,000G Randomly negates field magic targeting the user.​
21 Dodge Necklace Medusa
200,000G Randomly negates traps the user steps on.​
22 Angel Choker Sphynx
600,000G 33% chance to revive the user upon death.​
23 Galoshes 1 1 Troll, Giant
3,000G Negates the effect of Swamp spaces.​
24 Heart Slippers 3 Spring Cave, The Castle in the Clouds, Daunting Mountain 2F (White Loot Space), Pyramid (White Loot Space)
240,000G Heals the user by 1 HP every space traveled.​
25 Hero Boots 3 The Castle in the Clouds, Daunting Mountain (White Loot Space)
300,000G Increases the user's EXP by 10 every space traveled.​
26 Gold Shoes 3 Casino Cave
300,000G Increases the user's G every space traveled.​
27 Leopard Bandana 3 Wear Tiger
120,000G Increases G gained when defeating monsters.​
28 Zebra Bandana 3 Minotaur
120,000G Increases item drop rate when defeating monsters.​
29 Nice Guy Badge 3 Underground Passage
220G Decreases the duration of being Wanted.​
30 Wallace Badge Wallace
2G Occasionally duplicates a random Item or Field Magic in the user's inventory.​
31 Criminal Studs 30* 30* 30* 30* 300* Robo-Sassin
1,332G None​
32 Dokapon Crown 50 50 50 50 500 Underworld (Red Loot Space, Locked Box Space)
3,000,000G None​
33 Overlord's Crown 300 250 200 150 Darkling
2,000,000G Summons a monster when the user lands on an opposing player's Town.​