Dokapon Wiki
ID Name AT DF MG SP HP Locations
1 Power Gloves 5 Hobgoblin
60,000G None​
2 Guard Gloves 5 Kobold King
60,000G None​
3 Spirit Gloves 5 Magician, Banshee
60,000G None​
4 Speed Gloves 5 Halfling
60,000G None​
5 Vital Gloves 20 Casino Cave (Red Loot Space)
60,000G None​
6 Warm Gloves 1 Bandit, Troll
6,000G Prevents Paralysis from Snow spaces.​
7 Air Ring 10 Sea Serpent, Daunting Mountain 3F (White Loot Space)
4,000G Negates damage from being underwater.​
8 Ring of Power 15 Sunken Shrine
100,000G None​
9 Ring of Defense 15 Clovis (Red Loot Space), Tower of Rabble (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
10 Ring of Speed 15 Ninja, Daunting Mountain 1F (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
11 Ring of Magic 15 Wizard, Lava Cave 3F (Locked Box Space)
100,000G None​
12 Dokapon Ring 15 15 15 15 4 Spinner, Flinders (Red Loot Space)
1,000,000G None​
13 Squid Ring Squilla, The Castle in the Clouds
1,110G Prevents Paralysis from Snow spaces, Poison from Swamp, and negates damage for being underwater.
14 Angel Ring 50 Kraken, Unseelie
300,000G It can block negative space effects. ​
15 Fire Bracelet 3 Heckhound, Lava Cave 2F (Locked Box Space)
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Magma, Magma+, and Magma DX by 50%.​
16 Ice Bracelet 3 Fenrir, Sunken Ship (White Loot Space)
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Ice, Ice+, and Ice DX by 50%.​
17 Elec Bracelet 3 Wisp
24,000G Reduces damage the user takes from Volt, Volt+, and Volt DX by 50%.​
18 Wind Bracelet 3 Sylph
24,000G Reduces damage from wind field magic by half. ​
19 Crystal Choker Asiana (Red Loot Space), Casino Cave
160,000G Randomly activates a Multi Crystal at the start of the user's turn.​
20 Mirror Necklace Lich
300,000G Randomly negates field magic targeting the user.​
21 Dodge Necklace Medusa
200,000G Randomly negates traps the user steps on.​
22 Angel Choker Sphynx
600,000G 33% chance to revive the user upon death.​
23 Galoshes 1 1 Troll, Giant
3,000G Negates the effect of Swamp spaces.​
24 Heart Slippers 3 Spring Cave, The Castle in the Clouds, Daunting Mountain 2F (White Loot Space), Pyramid (White Loot Space)
240,000G Heals the user by 1 HP every space traveled.​
25 Hero Boots 3 The Castle in the Clouds, Daunting Mountain (White Loot Space)
300,000G Increases the user's EXP by 10 every space traveled.​
26 Gold Shoes 3 Casino Cave
300,000G Increases the user's G every space traveled.​
27 Leopard Bandana 3 Wear Tiger
120,000G Increases G gained when defeating monsters.​
28 Zebra Bandana 3 Minotaur
120,000G Increases item drop rate when defeating monsters.​
29 Nice Guy Badge 3 Underground Passage
220G Decreases the duration of being Wanted.​
30 Wallace Badge Wallace
2G Occasionally duplicates a random Item or Field Magic in the user's inventory.​
31 Criminal Studs 30* 30* 30* 30* 300* Robo-Sassin
1,332G None​
32 Dokapon Crown 50 50 50 50 500 Underworld (Red Loot Space, Locked Box Space)
3,000,000G None​
33 Overlord's Crown 300 250 200 150 Darkling
2,000,000G Summons a monster when the user lands on an opposing player's Town.​