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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 6/25/2016

I am back!

After a long sebatical from editing, I am back! Due to school work, work, and extracurriculars, as well as a minor lack of motivation, I stopped editing for quite some time. However, I am back, and more motivated than ever! If you have any questions, post in this forum here or post a message on my wall, and I will make sure to get to you ASAP!
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• 10/3/2015


Let's ask readers' ideas, they may have some, to start voting.
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• 10/9/2015

It's time to clean up the Categories on our articles! The Great Category Purge!

Allright, this is long overdue. There are WAY too many Categories on our pages. While we should have categories, we don't need nearly as many on each page. For examble, Angel Wings has 4 categories at the time of posting: Items, Rico Jr., Hero, and Jobs. Items is justified, because it is an Item. Rico Jr. is justified, because they are the only source for Angel Wings and it is his primary drop. Hero is not justified. The Hero category is too vague; it is not the primary focus of the article or what the article is itself (an item). Jobs is not justified. Just because the word "Job" is mentioned once, does not mean Jobs is needed as a category. This also leads into linking. On the Dungeons article, we don't need to have a category for every single dungeon! We can just have the Dungeon category on each individual dungeon page. Monsters, at the time of this article, has 43 categories. 43 CATEGORIES. Categories are there to help direct people to similar pages, but with that many pages, it all blends into mush. I will not say I am not guilty of this problem; I am. However, it is time to do something about it. This will most definitely make the wiki better for the communtity of Dokapon Kingdom!
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• 8/22/2015

100 Pages!

Hello! Dusk here!
Today, the Wiki met a very important milestone! As of right now, there are 100 Pages on this Wiki! Exciting news, huh? This means that more Dokapon knowledge will be visible to everyone who visits this Wiki! Thank you to all who contributed! Please don't stop contributing just because we hit 100!
Thanks again to everyone who made this possible! Next milestone: 500 pages! Let's get right to it!
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• 10/9/2015

Hello, everyone! My name is Dusk-Argentum, and I'm a new admin of this Wiki!

Hello, everyone! My name is Dusk-Argentum, and I'm a new admin of this Wiki!
I haven't been playing Dokapon Kingdom for very long, but I'm so very willing to share all the wonderful things I learn with everyone on the Wiki! Thank you for visiting/using the Wiki! I hope to see you all contributing!
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• 8/15/2015

Where to buy this game?

Please answer my question.
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• 8/14/2015

Where can you find a Lamia?

It is the only Monster missing from my Gallery, so I am curious where to find it.
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